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Machine Learning

We employ the world's most powerful machine learning algorithms to tame the most wild data. Data trembles at our fingertips.

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Data Science

Machine learning and data analysis alone are not enough. We interpret and visualize your data. We make your data sing.

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Process Automation

Theory, meet practice. We apply our findings in concrete ways so that your business operates more efficiently than its competition.

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Featured Project:
Using computer vision to help children survive eye cancer.

Retinoblastoma (Rb) is one of the most common childhood cancers [ref]. The earlier Rb is diagnosed, the higher quality of life these children will have.

We've collaborated with Baylor University to develop free mobile apps to help parents identify the cardinal symptom of Rb in photos of their children.

Download CRADLE White Eye Detector from the two app stores below!

CRADLE on Google Play Store CRADLE on iTunes App Store

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Robust deep learning.

Our neural networks are fast, accurate, and vicious. We can detect the cardinal symptom of Rb with 96% accuracy (pre-cropped, cross-validation accuracy).


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